Our beautiful Mosque is open to the public all year round, but August is when all the action happens!



Our 2009 Publicity Campaign (Nicolson St, Princes Mall, Waverley Bridge, Lothian Road,…)


The Discover Islam Exhibition is officially part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


“Women in Islam” is a key topic and probably one of the biggest stereotypes.  There is a set of 8 posters in the exhibition clarifying this aspect.


You are free to browse whatever interests you, at your own pace.


Many pause to watch the documentary on the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


Also on display are a book and posters detailing Muslims’ contributions to science and modern life.


Guest speaker Idris Tawfiq is seen here explaining the various translations of the Qur’an to a group of youngsters.


Idris will speak this year on “Is Jesus the Son of God?”, 14th August.


Sir Menzies Campbell, then Lib Dem leader, on a Mosque tour with IFe Manager Sohaib Saeed (Aug ’07)


One Response to Gallery

  1. mac mahmood says:

    salaam Love Ur site and just seen Ur show on Islam channel
    Lost 4 words on what u r doing.
    Just wish 1 thing that we could do this all over UK and beyond I am in Milton keynes salaam

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