About IFe

The Islam Festival Edinburgh seeks to promote awareness and understanding of Muslim faith and life among the festival-going public in Edinburgh.

The programme has grown from year to year, in response to the increasing need to clarify the true teachings of Islam and project its proper image.

Above all, this is done through the hugely successful Discover Islam Exhibition, a unique resource to bring people of different backgrounds together in a friendly environment.

In addition, the Islam Festival consists of a variety of talks, performances and artistic events to provide an exciting window onto the vibrancy of contemporary Muslim life and explore subjects of significance to the world of today.

Edinburgh Central Mosque


2 Responses to About IFe

  1. Fr John Robinson says:

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Faith of Abraham,

    Many thanks – shukran jezeelan – for yesterdays events and for your very warm welcome to the mosque and to the much improved exhibition!
    I will encourage others to look in on the Mosque at this Festival time.

    I booked for the Arabic Conversation Classes from today until Wednesday but was too late – and perhaps I would need much more of a basic knowledge of Arabic to benefit from Classes?? Maybe I can catch up another time when classes are on offer? My apologies for absence.

    I was reminded today of a TV Programme some time back with an Anglican Priest in the Middle East – as he discovers the Prostration Muslims familiarly use in Prayer – it was used by Christians earlier – perhaps by others ?Jews? Even by Pagan Religions? It was good to have a demonstartion and explanationof this in the Mosque yesterday before the Talk on the Holy Land.

    Peace be with you! Salaam alekum! Allah Akbar!

    John Robinson (Fr)

    I am enjoying reading Idris Tawfiq’s Book on Palestine.

  2. mq says:

    Can someone please contact me at info@discoverislam.com. I would like to get permission to use your photos.

    Thank you

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